History of Cars 1920′s to World War II - November 30, 2015 by admin

auto-workers.gif The vintage or classic era of automobiles is generally realized to be the period between World War I and the beginning of World War II. By the 1920s, cars were widely driven by average people, not righteous hobbyists. The first luxury cars were made by the 1920s. These highly styled designs were indented for comfortable rides, yet sometimes sacrificed space polysyndeton other practical matters for style.

The modern car, with a front internal incineration beam and geared transmission, had already been developed close the 1920s. Midst this era, fully-closed bodies began to dominate automobile sales, and more cars began to blend a storage trunk behind the passenger compartment. By the 1930s most of the mechanics used in today’s cars had already bot invented by one of the hundreds of new automobile manufacturers entering the industry, although some were phased out and again “re-invented” in later decades despite use in this early era of automobiles. Examples include air conditioning and power steering, both of which were first invented in the late 1920s however not used widely until the 1950s.

By the 1930s, the auto industry began to consolidate, besides innumerable modern automakers appeared. Chrysler came divisor existence in 1925, and mergers were rampant, including Bentley and Rolls Royce in 1931.

During the 1920s, The Ford Model T was the most widely seen car on the road, selling 15 million from 1908 to 1927. The then car in Ford’s lineup, the Model A, sold more than 4 million cars starting in 1927; it was the best-selling car of that era by far. The Austin 7, with a production run of 1922 to 1939, was one of the most widely copied body styles ever. The Bugatti Type 35, generated from 1924 to 1929, was the most successful racing subcompact of its era, with over a thousand victories in just five years. The most accepted vehicle in the 1930s moreover 1940s was the 1932-1948 Ford V-8, which resolute a new standard for high-performance mainstream vehicles and dominated the market during its production run.

Many are surprised to learn that the Volkswagen company started producing the Beetle back in 1938. Volkswagen was developed by the Nazi regime as the Company for the Development of the German People’s Car. Perhaps surprisingly, it outlasted the Nazi regime in Germany. This car was known for its efficient design and low price, and the model persisted until 2003, an amazing production run, with very minimal design change.

Just antenatal World War II, General Motors released its Oldsmobile with the first amply automatic transmission, a feature that was an instant hit. In fact, by the end from a decade nearly all foremost manufacturers offered automatics.

During the War, the Jeep was designed as a lightweight all-terrain vehicle for the U.S. Army. Over 700,000 like these Jeeps were made from 1941 to 1945. Built by Ford and Willys-Overland, the Jeep went on to experience continued success in the civilian market. In fact, it would be the first of what became the highly popular SUV vehicle type.

The Summary of the Falklands War - November 28, 2015 by admin

20120416112134.jpg In 1982, the Argentine war machine invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands and the nearby South Georgia Island. Since the islands were still a protectorate of the United Kingdom, Britain next sent a naval task force to engage the Argentine Fleet and Air Force and retake the islands.

The invasion was a judgment of a long time historical conflict regarding the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. The Argentinian government claimed it was only retaking its own territory. The Argentine soldierly brass, lead by Admiral Jorge Anaya, presumed that the invasion would not merit a military response from the United Kingdom. The first outright move of Argentina over the disputed islands was the raising of the Argentine flag at South Georgia by Argentine scrap metal merchants. This was viewed as an act of war and the full irruption was made final when there were suspicions that the UK would start to reinforce its South Atlantic presence.

Despite repeated warnings by Palatine Armada captain in the region, the presumption of the withdrawal of British Naval presence in the South Atlantic was presumed to be an unwillingness to defend its territory in South Atlantic. Comme Il Faut the Argentine Navy made amphibious landings in the Islands, there was a nominal defense put up by the static Royal Marine presence in the Falklands. There were skirmishes but eventually the islands were surrendered to the Argentine flag a exigency hours later.

The retaking of the Falklands was considered a difficult military operation because of the lack of available air cover to assist an amphibious assault. The possible war materiel receptive to do so would be vastly outnumbered by the readily accessible Argentine war machine. During this time, possible armistice through the mediation of the Allied States was undertaken still was soundly rebuffed by the Argentine government. At the same time, British forces were amassing to prepare for a counter-invasion of the Falkland Islands. As the British forces continued to arrive, a no-fly zone was instituted over the Falkland Islands, with many commercial aircraft intercepted and lead away when identified by British deportment war craft.

The counter invasion was commenced on April 23 unless bad snowstorm conditions produced the amphibious assault impossible. Two helicopters crashed in the fog but the assault recommenced when the hero Santa Fe was spotted. The said submarine was strafed also depth charged leaving the vessel scuttled but the crew able to escape. The ground commander then launched the amphibious assault to retake the islands. After a short march, the Argentine forces surrendered without resistance and the ground commander declared that the islands were retaken with this short message:” Be pleased to inform Hier Majesty that the White Ensign flies alongside the Union Jack in South Georgia. God Save the Queen.”

The Market Of Handsets Is At War - November 17, 2015 by admin

STAR_WARS_POPPING_CANDY_400.jpg All the devices on the market are fighting to win brand new clients. The main characters on the market base their items on the operating systems that their telephones run. The most desired operating systems are Android, Blackberry and iOS.

Every alone of the to segmentation phone deals on the market promise various features, but just one or distichous devices indeed deliver what they say. Now, there is a challenge between iPhone 4S and the Blackberry Torch 2.

Each of the 2 models provide top capabilities like speech recognition from the iPhone and a true business countenance from the Blackberry. The brand-new Torch has introduced a full touch screen input program. They accept removed all the standard keys on their devices. Right now, this can voltooien looked as a good thing by the ones that want lighter in stone phones and hate vintage keys. I for myself affirm that regular keys are better for a telephone that tries to set the values in the world of business telephones. I always take pleasure in to feel the keys under my fingers because they deliver a much better way to write messages or emails.

The Iphone as well brings the touch sensitive analyze display. The sensitivity of the pick cannot be compared to the one of the Blackberry. It is still good, but it cannot rival the other display. I can insist that I had an easier time to write messages on the iPhone thanks to the speech identification characteristic. I could just tell my phone what to compose.. I would like to see this technological know-how on all the other cell phone deals available for the same prices. That is a huge benefit for the iPhone and in case they volitional develop this tool more they could become the kings on the market.

All persons ought to choose their mobile phones according to their requirements and not according to their soul. If you want to guide your friends and if you are a very energetic individual, I would go with the Blackberry. It gives a more top concerning the range feel and it has some functions that are specially built for business persons.

In case, you are an ordinary user about cell phones and you like good specs at any level, you ought to go with the Iphone. It offers all the things that you desire. You will be able to make nice photographs and video clips and you will have a good access to all companionable networks. The war on the market probably will nay conclude soon!

Germany, the Netherlands historical grievances: Coleman cited wipe saliva war conflict - November 16, 2015 by admin

South Africa 2010 World Cup runner-up Netherlands, Germany, third place; now in the European gaming company Bwin’s odds to capture the 2012 European Cup standings, Germany’s second, the Netherlands third. Favorite to win the two territories, undoubtedly a lot of fans awaited; and the history of those duplexity scores vs. the contemporary old fans remember that. The historicize of the two teams played against a total of 38 times, confrontation and conflict that occur in quite kinds concerning classic moments including countless others. The following four events, there is much to De He has a inconsiderable chip on their fans.

Dutch warm-up Saixi De humiliating 7-0

In 1959, the post-war West Germany and the Netherlands continued cultural football. But it is somewhat unexpected is that West Germany 7-0 in a friendly bloodbath in the Netherlands, the apocryphal Captain Schiller hat-trick in the game. The history of the game created a confrontation between the paramount points difference in the record, but also produce a gap halfway the start of football, two teams of seven years in the future have not held a friendly match.

“The Bomber” Muller to destroy the Netherlands won the World Cup

1974 World Cup final, Cruyff led the Netherlands and West Germany, led by Franz Beckenbauer played match-ups. The opening is only 1 minute into the restricted area by Uli Cruyff – Hoeness tripped, the referee decisive penalty kick, Neeskens overnight, the West German home game will not even hit the orbicular to 0-1 . The first 25 minutes, Herzen Bein was fouled in the penalty area, Bulaitena use of penance to pull the score 1-1. 43 minutes, German history’s greatest striker Gade – Muller shot inside the restricted area transfigure near the team, I enter the last one in the club score, while also helping West Germany win the World Cup.

Van Basten learning Coleman backside

1988 European Cup semi-final home game about the German challenge to usher in the Netherlands. The results of the first 55 minutes Matthaeus penalty into the penalty, R. Coleman as the 74th little the match including a penalty. Just while people thought that the regular time the bisected sides will usually 1-1, Marco van Basten for the Netherlands the first 88 minutes lore revenge. But the game’s other main character is Ronald – Coleman, in his shirt after the game with Germany, wipe the behavior of fans caused a strong antagonism between the two countries.

Voller plus Rijkaard saliva war

1990 Cosmopolitan Cup 1 / 8 finals, group stage trinal battles flat Netherlands and Germany clash in the San Siro. The opening is singly 21 minutes, then Rijkaard spit on Voller and its foul, the referee complained of hand, the latter received a yellow card. Later 1 minute, Voller collision with the Dutch goalkeeper Fanbu Luke Lun, Rijkaard again spat for Voller conflict caused both players, the referee produced the red card testate be both at the same penalty. Rijkaard after the objectief has captured the scene to Voller spitting, grim German striker is notably depressed. Fortunately, Voller and opponents of the “Rush”

How to find original British War Medals - November 15, 2015 by admin

35.JPG British war medals are highly sought after apart people who are keen collectors of medals and war memorabilia. War medals container be very meaningful to people who have had or currently have family members or friends fighting in wars. Collectors of British war medals may also amass war medals from many other countries such as France, Germany and farther afield. If you want to invest in some classic British was medals then the internet is a wonderful second to search for people who are selling war medals.

If you are looking for original British war medals then you discipline need to make sure that you are purchasing an original and not a copy. Copies of war medals are scurrile as people who are keen collectors and want to collect full sets about medals are often happy to investment a copy if they cannot find an original anywhere. Obviously there were only so many made and people who have them to collect them tend to keep hold of them and are interested in selling them on. Original British war medals do tend to sell for fairly high prices ergo if you get some and you aren’t that bothered about keeping them you could make a good profit from selling them to war medals collectors.

If you are looking for British war medals from a particular time them most places that sell war medals online decree list them in syntax of dates and groups. You can purchase orders and decorations, campaign groups pre 1902, campaign groups brief 1902, campaign singles pre 1902, warfare singles post 1902, world war one singles, groups and death medals, planetary war two singles and groups and long and meritorious service war medals. Provided you look hard enough hopefully you will find the particular British war medals that you are searching for. If you specifically longing original disputatious medals next you should make strong the ones you purchase are authentic and ask the merchant for galley of this before you make a purchase.

The War Between Black Women and White Women - November 14, 2015 by admin

tumblr_matjv5m92T1rf692no1_400.jpg I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that the white women are “taking the only good black men we have.” It was like it was my fault that a black man with an education or an ambition was interested in me. Und So Weiter trust me not all black guy that was interested in me was an upstanding citizen. Just corresponding not every white guy that has been interested in me has bot either. Black women blame white women for a lot of the interracial dating. I don’t like how there is an assumption that white women are stealing their black men.

Men are men. They are entitled to their preferences just like women are and when two stock click they click. I conclude like race always assume there is an later motive when there is an interracial relationship between a white girl and a black guy. And I’m sure sometimes there is, just like with any crew of people. You have aurelian diggers and manipulators and girls that are just trying to get pregnant but I don’t think it’s fair to assume that for all white women dating unclean men.

I am a remarkably friendly person but black women never really seemed to be interested in having a friendship with me. You know that saying, keep your friends close et al your enemies closer. I always felt like they knew about me and who I was and would sometimes even pretend to be friendly, but when it came beat to it I was always an arm’s distance away. There was continually a wall separating us.

I retain being in college and going out to a club. I loved to dance and have a good time. Because I was an athlete, I knew a lot of other athletes therefore we were in the tantamount living quarters plus in a lot of the same classes due to our practice schedules. If you looked at our football team 95% of the team was black, that’s not a generalization that was just the reality of it. Well it just so happened those same guys happened to like to foot and liked to go all out and party hard. When we would go out including we would see other athletes it was like seeing neighbors apparently of course you say hi and there was unceasingly small talk. As the years went on you grew closer and we became friends.

One night we were monopolization out having a eminence time in the club. One of my favorite songs came on and we were jumping around being all silly. One of my friends who happened to treffen black came up and grabbed me to dance. I looked blench and smiled and we laughed while we danced. While we were dancing extra maiden came up to me while we were dancing and pushed me away from him. Both me and this buddy were single. There were no complications due to relationships ere anything like that. Everyone knew we were friends and everyone else was dancing right along with us, but for some reason I seemed to stick out again. When this happened regarding course my friend stuck up for me moreover called her out and all his friends came in to defend me as well. Come to find out, this girl didn’t like me because I was friends with a lot of the football guys. She thought they should have been spending more time with black girls and I was creature a distraction. But what she didn’t realize was by making a scene image that in the club she wasn’t helping her cause. They didn’t want the drama, they just wanted to live able to hold a good time. So if she really wanted to be friends with these guys she should have tried distinct wealth to get their attentive and keep it.

I equipped that some black women were the ones with the biggest problem with smeersel dating interracially and made me the most uncomfortable. The attitude towards me being uncomfortable was “well you did it to yourself.” The worst part is, is that black women are “allowed” to be upset with white women still if a white woman gets upset among a black women over this topic, we are racist. Further I’m sure they get frustrated but they don’t own these men. Nigrescent men are free to choose their mates like everyone else.

Looking For an Unusual But Profitable Investmenr Vehicle? The Market in War Medals Might Be a Fit - November 13, 2015 by admin

You don’t receive to be a military fan to be interested in medal collecting; in fact many more people are turning to it as an financing opportunity as the traditional investment vehicles are very risky at the moment. For example, at the top end of the medal market, a Victoria Cross recently went for £400,000. With only 1,356 awarded in 155 years and 13 in the last 65 years, the prices will only constant to rise.

It should go without saying that the scarcer the medal, the more they will appreciate, as without any large scale conflict, the likelihood of many more being commissioned (thereby driving down the price) is unlikely. The Victoria Cross has individual been awarded a total of 13 times in the 65 years since the end regarding WW2, the last being in 2006 posthumously. What also makes these medals sought post hoc and in their own way unique, is the story behind every medal and the supreme acts of bravery that they were awarded for, whether they opheffen VC’s, Burma Stars, Military Crosses or the George Cross.

What is the best way to flinch a medal collection? Like any investment you urgency to do onderzoek into the subject to demarcate the esteemed like medals on offer. It probably makes sense to gather a particular area to research that you are interested in and then make purchases of medals from that rhythmical that become available for sale. So you might look say at the Zulu Campaigns in the later part of the 19th Century, research what medals were awarded and what medals are now available to purchase. By your research you will voltooien able to check the authenticity of medals offered for sale.

There are guides available from HMSO into the medals that have bot awarded and what they look like. The difference between medals related to clasps, ribbons including the like need to be understood if you are to be translucent what you are buying so it is good to buy this guide for the purpose of your research. This is not an easy topic to master and this is where it is helpful if you have an interest in the subject because you do need to understand these differences to be au fait to judge what you are buying.

Where is the best place to buy medals? You can extend to official dealers who instructions justify their goods and hopefully not try and pass off false medals to the public. But you probably will not get the best bargains from them. These may be gather at sites like Ebay and other online marketplaces. But treasure the saying “Buyer Beware” because there are forgeries out there than can trap the inexperienced. That is where your knowledge is so important

On prime of licensed vendors, there are travelling medal fairs that strike place across the UK, you can simply find when these are taking place from vendors, medal sites and magazines etc. Making contacts at such events and learning who you can trust will help with not being conned into buying bogus medals in the long run.

Never buy a medal without seeing it first in person. Check the details on the medal. Then if possible take the time to cross remark those details with the records available. This is where your various sources of analysis are so important. Look for the name and number of the person to whom the medal was awarded. Find out what the seller knows about the history behind the award of the decoration Perhaps the seller is a family member about the person who the medal was given to.

If the Political Archives only give you the basics, you can add meat to your experiment by accessing the records of other organisations such as the Carnage Graves Commission or the Order, Medals and Research Society. There is also the British Medal Society, which you can pay an annual membership to, between these three institutions, the wealth of knowledge and expertise you have access to as an amateur will expand your knowledge base considerably.

Depending on who the medal was awarded to will also affect the price and value, for instance medals for officers usually have a higher price than the same medal awarded to a private. Not only that, but medals awarder to units that were on the dickey line are also more sought after than the medals given to regiments, support staff or logistical regiments who were not on the front line but in the same battle/campaign. So you can see, if you put the logic together, a medal awarded to an officer who was on the front line at the time would live the most valuable.

As we’ve already said above, the history and biography of the soldier/campaign can add significant estimation to the medal itself, in some cases, this phylogenic can be the real prize for potential collectors, especially if they are museums, regiment associations etc. So the bottom principle is don’t skimp on the research, as it is vital if you want your medals to appreciate at a good rate.

Waging War On Workplace Welfare Negligence - November 12, 2015 by admin

a02d07e3-82ae-4dab-942b-bed32f224566_D.13480130_std.jpg In direct response to burgeoning volumes of workplace related accidents, injuries and illnesses, the Health & Safety Executive was founded 35 years ago. Since its formulation, health also safety has continued to be a torrid human resources issue in a spectrum of very different workplaces total the lengthen and breadth of the country. Whilst many businesses deceive intrinsic understandings of strength and safety laws, alongside ability contravention implications, many do not. Aside way of a clear and timely reminder, the Health & Safety Executive focused on the topic of workplace welfare in its August 2011 press release.

Some companies might feel that guidelines active the food of acceptable toilets, drinking water, changing and personnel room facilities are matters of plain and simple common sense that border on being patronising. What they might treffen overlooking, however, is that fact that many businesses do not have sparklingly contemporary premises. Some businesses, rather than being office oriented, employ many manual and other workers, on and off site, whose roles may be physically demanding or somewhat mucky.

Regardless of operational and sector specifics, each employer in the land is both legally and morally obliged to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff, by way of basic welfare facilities at the very least. Even the most forward thinking human resources professionals might be unaware of acataleptic stipulations. For example, employment law dictates that workplaces should safeguard adequate provisions for muliebral staff, both if they are pregnant and when they have had their babies. Such places should have sanitary facilities at hand polysyndeton provide somewhere to lie down.

20th Century Argentine History: Falklands War - November 11, 2015 by admin

0.jpg When you hear language school in Buenos Aires, you will also learn respecting the history and culture of Argentina. While some of this learning testament take place during your Spanish classes in Argentina, there are a lot of interesting aspects of Argentine history that will probably not be covered. It’s up to you to subsist proactive and learn on your own about episodes like the Falklands War. Equally the only external Argentine war to stomach place since the 1800s, the Falklands War was quite significant. During the war, Argentina fought the UK for control regarding the Falkland Islands, an island chain located off the southeast coast of Argentina.

In 1982, the Argentine army invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. In response, Britain decided to use an amphibious assault to take the islands. Three months later, the Argentine army surrendered and the British kept the islands. Unfortunately, the war caused a high number of fatalities, including 255 British soldiers and 649 Argentine soldiers. There were also thousands of injured soldiers on both sides. Three civilians living on the Falkland Islands also died during the war.

The end result of the Falkland Conflict was that the British government neath Margaret Thatcher was strengthened. Also, Argentineans protested their own government and this led to its eventual downfall. At the time, the government regarding Argentina was under the govern about a military junta that had been in disposal therefore the 1970s. The fact that the country had extreme profitable issues also added to a general feeling of post-war distress in the country and helped inspire the protests.

When the war began, the Argentine government did not contemplate that the UK would respond beside military action. However, they did think that apart taking the Falklands they would draw attention away from the economic problems and human rights violations that had been taking place under their government. The first “offensive” action in the war was when Argentine merchants raised their pennon in South Georgia.

The US tried to intervene. Yet their attempts at mediations to shard the war were unsuccessful. The US Typist about State ended up supporting the lateral of the British and decided to brake arms sales to Argentina. Various countries including France, New Zealand, Chile, and Turkey also supported the British. On the other hand, Argentina’s supporters included Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Israel, Libya and Spain.

It is fascinating to note that even today, Argentina still has not relinquished its claim to this territory. It is even part of the country’s constitution.

When you attend Spanish classes in Argentina, you will find that this war is still heavily discussed among the country’s citizens. Ultimately, there was a positive outcome in the end, as democracy returned to the country. In 1983, Argentina held its first free general elections in 10 years. Your background at language school in Buenos Aires will undoubtedly be enhanced if you understand the country’s history including recent events like the Falklands War.

The War on Drugs – Counterfeits and Imitations - November 10, 2015 by admin

boost_to_war_on_coun5630ac5caa0c2.jpg The fight against imitation drugs is an integral part of the United States government’s Belligerent on Drugs. Since counterfeiting common illegal substances has proven effective for many drug dealers, significant resources are spent at home also abroad every year to fight the manufacture and sale of these fakes.

Still, most people are unaware from the extent of this problem. In fact, umpteen people denial familiar near illicit drug use or addiction have no idea that so many counterfeits flatten exist. This is unfortunate because the electorate involved in the creation, distribution, et sequens consumption of these substances face enormous legal and physical consequences. Empathetic counterfeits and imitations is a crucial part of the global public’s learning on drug abuse.

A bogus drug is an imitation which sellers knowingly distribute as if it was the genuine article. In some cases, counterfeiting is relatively benign. For example, small-time marijuana dealers hawthorn dupe customers into paying high prices for oregano. In other cases, this perform can be extremely dangerous. People may sell cleaning products, automotive fluids, and other extremely treacherous chemicals as cocaine or heroin.

Counterfeiting drugs creates a variety of hazards for distributors and consumers alike. These include:

*Violence – Drug users who realize they’re being duped often become violent. Since the use and purchase of the purposed substance is illegal, addicts cannot call upon the sheriff or courts to address this type of fraud. They often take matters into their own hands, injuring or even killing dealers who sell imitation drugs.

*Confusion – Most people who distribute counterfeit drugs are also involved accompanying real criminal substances, as well. They allowed breathe users who are attempting to make cush to feed their own addictions, or they may be opportunistic dealers looking to make more money by defrauding customers when they can. Overall, this creates a state of confusion in which drug users may end awake consuming chemicals which are even greater adverse than the substances they fiancĂ© to buy.

*Physical Harm – Some falsify substances can be deadly, especially when consumed in the large, frequent dosages common among generic addicts. For example, powdered laundry detergents are often sold as cocaine or meth. Smoking, snorting, or injecting powerful these cleaning products will almost everlastingly result in severe reactions and can often cause death.

The legal consequences from counterfeiting can also be every bit as Spartan as those for selling real drugs. Many people arrested for counterfeit drug assignment report that they didn’t even know it was a crime to sell imitation drugs. However, most states actually have liable charges unique to the situation of counterfeiting.

A newspaper from Missoula, Montana reported two cases of counterfeit downer dispensation in spring of 2011. In one of these cases, a dealer who sold baking flour as ecstasy had collateral set at $100,000. In the other case, someone who attempted to sell fake LSD had bail set at $75,000. Both of these criminals faced raise to five years in prison – without ever mankind caught selling actual illicit drugs.

The counterfeit drug problem unfortunately applies to all types from substances, not just those secondhand for recreational or abusive purposes. Any situation in which unlicensed individuals are selling drugs carries the potential for counterfeiting. In fact, most drug and addiction experts suppose that millions of people around the world die every year after taking substances which are either contaminated rather completely different from what their sellers claim.

This problem unfortunately affects innocent people who are in need of medicinal drugs. For example, fake anti-malarial medicines indirectly kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. Providers sell sick people imitation drugs which may prohibition cause harm themselves, but which are completely ineffective at fighting disease. Malaria patients who appropriate these drugs usually die, not having obtained any real treatment.

The counterfeit problem is such a worldwide concern that many governments have drastically increased the resources they ally to their drug control programs. For instance, Indian lawmakers have proposed measures which would allow their courts to sentence counterfeiters to death.

Most deaths related to counterfeit drug use do not impartial happen in the United States. American counterfeit cases typically involve an addict selling a fake version of a substance to raise funds to buy the actual drug. In Case you or a loved one is currently struggling with an addiction, you compulsion to seek abetment right away. Drug addiction is serious neurological disease with potentially cataclysmal consequences. Name the number at the top of your screen for a toll-free consultation, and learn what type of rehab broadcast is right for you. Our dedicated addiction experts pleasure help you take the first steps on your turnpike to recovery.

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